Terms & conditions

Ticket Purchase:

All sales are final and will be subject to company policies

Tickets purchased at the terminal/location with a credit card must be accompanied the card holder along with proof of identity.

Tickets purchased by a credit card through our call center service must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The owner of the card must be present with the card and a form of identification at the time of ticket(s) pick-up.
  2. If the card is not present a new trip must be purchased for travel in cash or with a new credit card along with the appropriate identification.
  3. The owner of the original purchase must come personally with the card and a form of identification for reimbursement (a $10.00 charge will be assessed per ticket purchased)
  4. Failure to provide the necessary documentation will result in the loss of ticket(s), loss of travel and the financial reimbursement.

General Information:

Los Chavez Autobuses, Inc has no preference for people of color, creed or nationality.

The Los Chavez Autobuses, buses will make every effort to keep all schedules on time; however, it is recognized that scheduled services are estimated and does not guarantee exact departure and arrival times. These times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Like the weather, traffic, mechanical difficulties, etc. Los Chavez Autobuses, Inc. is not responsible for any inconvenience or expenses incurred because of such delay(s).

Federal law prohibits the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs on the bus. Drivers are authorized to call the highway patrol and expel bus offenders at any time. Los Chavez Autobuses is not responsible for any expenses related to any incident, in case one occurs

Smoking is PROHIBITED inside our office(s) or bus(es)

Los Chavez Autobuses, Inc. has the right to deny service to any person/traveler for the following reasons:

  1.  If the passenger fails or refuses to comply with any of the rules or regulations of Los Chavez Autobuses, Inc.
  2.  If the passenger’s behavior is disorderly, abusive or violent
  3.  If the passenger is barefoot, shirtless or with offensive personal hygiene that compromises the safety and comfort of other passengers
  4.  If the passenger appears to be intoxicated and or under the influence of drugs
  5.  If the passenger tries to interfere with the driver’s performance of his duties, or does not obey the instructions
  6.  If the passenger’s behavior can be dangerous to himself, the crew or passengers

Travel, Changes & Cancellations:

You must present your original ticket for travel.

The ticket purchased is valid only for the date(s) and time(s) chosen.

All changes, trip cancellations or requested refunds must be requested no less than 3 hours before the scheduled travel time. All changes/refunds will be subject to a $25.00 fee per ticket.

If the ticket was lost or stolen, a new ticket must be purchased.

Rates are subject to change at any time without notification. If there is a price increase or decrease after the purchase, we will not charge or refund the difference of that price change.


Passengers who have the Insen, INAPAM card, or persons of senior age, 65 years or older, presenting an identification when buying it in person, will receive a $ 5.00-dollar discount for the purchase of a single trip ticket. The applicable discounts are no longer valid once the ticket is purchased.


For the safety of all our passengers, all children under 6 years of age must sit in the fourth row and beyond for security reasons. For safety precautions, keep all children away from the aisle and DO NOT leave the child(ren) unattended

Children who are 6 years old or younger will be counted as a minor and MUST be accompanied by an adult age 18 years and older.

All children who are going to travel need to present a birth certificate or passport to verify age requirements at the time of purchasing the ticket. In the event of payment made via telephone at our call center with a valid credit card, a birth certificate or passport of the traveling child(ren) when must be presented when picking up the ticket(s).

Round-Trip tickets are valid and must be completed within the 30-day cycle commencing from the original date of travel. All changes will be assessed a $25.00 fee as indicated

Luggage & Personal Items:

An Adult/Senior ticket allows two (2) medium suitcases of 35 pounds each or a total weight of 70 pounds per traveler; A Child/minor is allowed one (1) medium suitcase of 35 pounds per ticketed traveler. Additional weight is subject to an additional fee and will be subject to cargo space availability.

The carry-on bag must be small enough to fit in the upper compartment inside the seating area of the bus. It can include a handbag, school backpack, briefcase or such item that for safety reasons can be stored above the seating area in the compartmental space provided.

Passengers are NOT allowed to travel with any kind of animal(s) on the bus.

The company is not responsible for luggage defects in cases of loss(es) or destruction of property. We are not responsible for the luggage left unattended, being transported to another line of service or collected at customs during cross border travel.

What does NOT constitute as luggage: ex. Strollers, Boxes, Bicycles, TV’s, Plastic Boxes, Paint Bottles, Coolers, Poorly made Bags, etc., Excess baggage will be subject to availability of space and acceptance. IT IS NOT ALWAYS GUARANTEED.

3rd Party Services:

The Los Chavez Autobuses, Inc. tries to provide internet access from the beginning to the end of a trip. Please keep in mind that you may experience a poor or no connection in some areas. The service is provided by a third party and, therefore, there will be no compensation or reimbursement for problems of Internet connectivity.